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Below are some of the routine maintenance and services we perform.

Outboard Service Menu

4-Stroke Yearly Maintenance Service

  • Check compression & inspect spark plugs.
  • Inspect timing belt.
  • Change engine oil & filter.
  • Replace engine fuel filter.
  • Change gear lube in lower unit.
  • Inspect prop shaft & prop shaft seals.
  • Grease trim & tilt.
  • Spark plugs additional if needed.
  • Factory OEM Yamaha, Mercury, Tohatsu, Honda Parts, lubes & oils.

2-Stroke Yearly Maintenance

  • 2-Stroke yearly maintenance.
  • Check engine timing & compression.
  • Replace spark plugs.
  • Replace engine fuel filter.
  • Change gear lube in lower unit (if needed).
  • Inspect prop shaft & prop shaft seals.
  • Grease tilt & trim (if required).
  • Engines requiring NGK plugs cost more (if required).
  • Factory OEM Mercury & Yamaha parts, lubes, & oils.

Water Pump Impeller Service

  • Recommended every two years.
  • Includes all parts & labor.
  • Factory Mercury/Yamaha/Tohatsu OEM parts.

Inboard/Outboard Service Menu

Yearly I/O Maintenance Service

  • Yearly I/O maintenance service.
  • Change engine oil & filter.
  • Inspect belt condition & tension.
  • Replace water/fuel separator filter.
  • Check power steering fluid.
  • Check power trim fluid & operation.
  • Change gear lube in lower unit.
  • Factory Yamaha, Mercury, Mercruiser, or Tohatsu OEM parts, lubes & oils.

I/O Water Pump Service

  • Recommend replacement every two years.
  • Price includes: all labor & water pump impeller.
  • Factory Mercruiser, Volvo, Cobra, OEM parts.

I/O Engine Tune Up

  • Replace spark plugs.
  • Inspect cap & rotor.
  • Inspect points & condenser if equipped.
  • Check & adjust idle speed as necessary.

I/O Mercruiser Engine Tune Up

  • Remove & inspect lower unit, bellows & hoses.
  • Lubricate gimble housing, bearings, steering, universal joints & shift cable.
  • Drain gearcase & refill with new gear lube.
  • Check engine alignment.
  • Factory Mercruiser OEM parts, lubes & oils.

Individual Services

I/O Gear Lube Change Only

I/O Engine Oil & Filter Change Only

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